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755 Van Ness Ave. (2).png

History of building

Built in 1934

Located in the heart of downtown Fresno. 

51,000 sq. ft.

Currently not in use, but is in good condition.

student vision of this space

Boutique hotel that can stimulate the economic growth of Fresno, and showcase key elements of what Fresno is known for.Inform our guests about the history and culture of Fresno. The Demeter Hotel, which is named after the Greek Goddess of agriculture, emphasizes one of the most known aspects of Fresno: rich farming and greatness of wineries. In the Demeter Hotel we a variety of services in all floors, the first level: a small restaurant, ballroom, bar, reception and lobby. In the basement floor: a winery, fitness area, and spa. The Mezzanine floor an art gallery, and the third floor are Hotel Suites

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