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1255 Fulton St. (Art Deco Building 1).png

History of building

Built in 1940

Contributing status is grade C (Walkable Area)

Bank of America (ca. 1917-1950)

Modern or Streamline Modern facade and remodels



Currently categorized as an office building for lease

Nearby shopping, parking, dining, attractions/entertainment,

and a few housing buildings within the block.

Some surrounding services are Fresno County Department of Public Health, Tobacco Prevention Program, Services of Immigration, Fresno Housing, Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center, Masten Towers Senior Living, and close Bus Stops

U-shaped building design

1255 Fulton Street.png

student vision of this space


The vision for this building is a mixed-use space with residency and entertainment/eatery. Distinguishable hotel with a sauna and spa area. Local storefront that helps sell + display artwork from Central Valley artists.

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